Upward Director Brian Welch share his motivation for serving his church, his community and his God through the ministry of Upward Sports at Hamilton Church of God.

Courtney shares her heart as it relates to serving Christ by serving others.

Listen as Jeff shares his "Why".

Vern & Connie Hartman share Why they serve the Lord through the ministries of Hamilton Church of God.

April shares the lasting joy of serving and ministering to others. Goto www.hamiltoncog.org/mywhy to connect with your Hamilton Church of God family.

Hanna shares Why she loves serving God through playing in the band and leading worship in Kid's Church.

Lisa Cooke shares her personal "why": why she loves sharing and giving of herself to the Lord, her church and her friends.

Listen to Sophie as she shares Why she values her relationship with the people and ministries of Hamilton Church of God.

Rick Sims shares his Why. He explains how simple it can be to make a life long impact sharing God's love by simply teaching a children's Sunday school class.

Michael Pate shares why he serves the Lord through the ministries of Hamilton Church of God and the impact that this service has made upon his life in return.

June Grubb shares her Why. Why she serves, Why she loves, Why she gives. http://www.hamiltoncog.org